New Smyrna Beach High School
Ms. Meiring

Dance Technique 1


2017- 2018 Syllabus: Download

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Dance Tutorials

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Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

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September 13: Hip-Hop Tutorial Click HERE

Dance Terms

Plié- To bend.

Demi Plié- Half bend. Heels don't leave the floor.

Grand Plié- Full bend of the knees until the thighs are parallel with the floor.

Why is it important?

- It is often the beginning and ending of most leaps and turns.

-It gives power in jumps and pirouettes.

- It helps reduce the risk of injury.

Tendu- To stretch.  Keeping the foot on the floor, the dancer stretches the leg and foot out from one position to another.

How to Tendu

Dégagé- meaning to “disengage.”  The dancer moves their leg off the floor from a position with a pointed foot and straight leg to the front, side or back.

Chainé- (Chain or linking) A series of turns on both feet.

Dance Technique Poster Rubric